Vegan Korean Cooking Ideas You Should Integrate In Your Cooking Skill

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Korean cuisine derives authentic flavor and tastes its diverse dishes with unique health benefits it what makes Korean cooking and food famous among foodies worldwide. Their cuisine is fascinating, delicious and has gained popularity all over the world. Other parts of the world may think Korea might not be a place for vegans but it is not true, from history to the current time, plant-based ingredient cuisine, or can be called vegan dish as well as sustainability are being practiced traditionally. 

In Korean vegan-famous dishes, the ingredients like tofu, rice, and preserved or raw vegetable are included. In this article, we’re going to discuss the vegan Korean cooking method and some famous vegan Korean dishes to enjoy health benefits.   

Korean Vegan Cooking Method

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Fermented vegetable dishes are undoubtedly famous and are the most loved method to make a vegan dish. Seasonable raw veggies are preserved to be used later in many vegan dishes. Korean vegan cooking method uses similar traditional Korean cooking methods, like steaming, roasting, sautéing, fermenting, seasoning, boiling, pickling, and pickling. This all process enriches vegan food flavors. In Korean culture, many cuisines are naturally vegan from history and still now are on the favorite dish list.             

Vegan Korean Cooking Ideas

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Vegan braised tofu is a popular flavourful tofu dish made with soy sauce-based and spices. To enjoy this vegan tofu dish, you need to just fry the sliced toy until golden brown and simply dip it into spicy soy sauce-based sauce. You can enjoy this dish as a side dish of rice.   

Vegan dumpling is the most loved vegan dish in Korea. This dish is made with vegetable filling, mushrooms, spices, and dumpling wrappers. This recipe can be boiled, stream, or stir-fried with sesame oil. Serve with a soy sauce dipping or create your own dipping sauce.

Tofu is used in many vegan dishes, as it has a nice flavor and texture. To make a vegan tofu gimbap dish, you need ingredients of two cups of short-grain rice, sesame oil, salt to taste, and in filling, it requires firm tofu, chopped spinach, carrot, cucumber, salt, and sesame oil. Boil the rice and stir fry all the other ingredients. Put a gim sheet on a bamboo mat, spread the rice over it, add all the ingredients one by one, add tofu, and roll over the filling by giving a little pressure. In last, remove the bamboo mat and all a little bit of sesame oil over it. Cut the roll into bite-size and serve.


The principal aspect of Korean vegan food is too-high consumption of fresh vegetables and plant-based ingredients. The above Korean vegan dish is not only full of health-beneficial, it also tastes delicious. Consuming vegan food will have a positive impact on nature as well as on your health. It is always good to know that you are preparing Korean food especially when you’re thinking of something unique to prepare. Given all the dishes we have here, vegan Korean cooking ideas should be of use to you as it saves you time and gives you amazing dishes to consume.

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