Vegan Cooking Tools- Kitchen Essentials

vegan cooking tools

With the right equipment in the kitchen, the adore and needless failure can be the difference between making recipes. It can be daunting to know what you need to cook well at home if you don't get all set up or just start.

Based on 20+ products that you can always find in my kitchen, I have put together a list of key vegan kitchen resources. However, we have surveyed Instagram and decided that 95% of these resources are also essential for them to ensure my lists are relatively universal.

We are bombarded to be successful cooks with publicity pushing goods that we must "have." They try to sell us plastic container items for avocados to 101 different devices to accelerate veggie cutting.

Everything we possess must have a meaning as minimalists. We sometimes see the meaning of gadgets if we realize that we often use it and that it is not just a single-use device. You know that we ask everything we put into our lives if you've been following us a little while.

There is no specifically defined difference in tools that you need as a vegan versus non-vegan when you enter into the world of kitchen utensils and appliances, but there are some considerations.

Good Quality Knives

A close up of a green plant

Let's begin with the fundamental elements. The key item in any kitchen will have to be knives. The blades used and needed, however, can vary from household to household.

Until I started writing this post, I realized that we never owned a knife set. That's a good thing! We have found over time that only three knives are required, including:

Knife for skinning and hand cutting, small (paring knife).

Medium knife of vegetable and soy product slicing (chef's knife).

New sourdough bread knife.

We have no need for vegans:

Knife steak

Knife with cleaver

Knife of Boning

It's important to keep the knife of my chef sharp and ready. Not only did I lower kitchen accidents and increase efficiency, but our knife lifecycle also increased. For eight years, I've had this one knife, and no slowdown!

Wooden chopping board

An apple sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

We have two cuts, one is small, and one is large. All are solid wood and are practiced many times a day.

Tip: Drawdown (not soak) your wooden cupboards right after use and make sure they are placed in good air circulation somewhere so that they don't start to smell or get worse and develop mold! The fact that your cleaning board has a damp atmosphere will contribute to this unwelcome result.

Cutting plates are an excellent vegan kitchen tool for cutting plants. They're particularly useful when hand-cutting is not comfortable.

Salad spinner

I'd say this is one of the kitchen tools around the most underestimated! A salad spinner is a must if you are vegan and you eat lots of salad (like us).

While a salad spinner washes salad, I use it to wash any form of Green.

If you cook with kale or silverbeet, for example, they all get clean quickly and easily through my salad spinners and then add them to the pot. It helps you minimize the quantity of liquid on your plate, which can change the quality occasionally!

Frying pan/skillet

Frying pans in the kitchen are just another must-have. Want any tofu or tempeh to make pancakes? Squeeze the pot out. Saute any toasted greens? In the frying pan, throw them. Would you like to make a naan?

For years we have used a Neoflam frying pan. This is the first pan we bought when over nine years ago, we moved out of the house! We'd get a cast iron pan if we'd do all of it over again. This is our next purchase potentially.

They beautifully produce a natural non-stick surface without all the hazardous substances, which are supplemented by a standard non-Stick fry pot until they are seasoned correctly.

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