Top 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes Across The World

Top 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes Across The World

There is no doubt; the Indian Recipes has taken over the charge of cuisines around the world by offering mouth-watering spicy dishes. Indian recipes are widespread in every corner of India and the globe with the famous state dishes. And with this, every Indian recipe holds a unique mixture of spices, herbs, oils, and other such things, which not only reflects those particular geographical specialties but also their taste of herbs.

There are almost millions of Indian dishes currently in the world, but some of them have taken the heart of every person. With this, here is the list of top 5 most popular Indian recipes which are famous across the world for its taste, the authenticity of herbs, and many other such things.

Top 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes Across The World
Top 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes Across The World

The List Of 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes

Top 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes Across The World
Top 5 Most Loved Indian Recipes Across The World

Indian Recipes – Chicken Tikka Masala

No doubt, this particular Indian Recipe has the heart of every Indian and even the foreigners due to its taste, perfect mixture of herbs, and other things. Lal Gujral first prepared chicken Tikka Masala by burning the dish on the charcoal to give its smoky flavor. This Indian Recipe of fiery red spice, crispy chicken, has taken everyone out in the world to love it. Although the restaurants outside India do not prepare the original version of this Recipe, it is still the most favorite of all.

Biryani Indian Recipe

Biryani is the classic and authentic Indian Recipe made of quality basmati rice and boiled chicken. This Indian Recipe has founded with many variants in it as compared to any other dish. In traditional times, the chicken/mutton marinate in curd. With some authentic herbs which were then mixed with rice and cooked. Modifications have then being introduced in the Recipe as it gained popularity across the world.

Samosa India Recipe

Another favorite Indian Recipe cum snack is Samosa, which is very popular in India. Almost every Indian eats this in the evening snack time or at the birthday parties. By the time the Samosa gained popularity, its variants introduce in the market in India and across the world rapidly. People enjoy it with tangy tomato chutney and hot tea served.

South Indian Food

Dosa, uttapam, and other south Indian foods being so popular in India and across the world due to their great taste and coconut chutney. This Indian recipe is widely eaten in South India, and now it is being served in various countries. It is being presented in multiple different forms, such as soft, crispy, masala, spicy, and whatnot. South Indian Foods are the most lovable and popular Indian recipe you would come across in India and outside India.

Malai Kofta

This particular Indian Recipe named Malai Kofta is widely favorite in India and across the world all. Because of its great taste and its exciting way of preparing it. The koftas make by the chefs by crushing the lauki or unripe bananas. However, Seeing the taste of every person, this Indian recipe serves as a spicy one or in minimal spices and herbs. Malai Kofta has become one of the most authentic and favorite Indian dishes for people of India and outside India.

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