All About Vegan Cheese


Cheese is one of the most favorite things so many people out there, but if you are planning onto turn into a vegan, then you have to let this cheese go. Most of the vegans worry about this as they love cheese and can’t avoid it altogether. But don’t worry because vegan cheese is here to help you. Usually, the real cheese comes from cow, goat or sheep milk, but this vegan cheese extract from nutritional yeast, nuts, and vegetable oil. This dairy-free cheese can surely act as a substitute for normal cheese in your daily meal.

Things You Should Know About Vegan Cheese

Ingredients Used In Vegetarian Cheese

There is no need for you to worry about the vegan cheese because it is free from all kinds of animal products. The main ingredients that use in this cheese are cashew and macadamia nuts, vegetable oils such as coconut oils, soy, etc. The cheese derived from agar, peas, tapioca, and arrowroot is also available in the market.

Vegan Cheese Preparation

The vegetarian cheesemakers have tried and tested various methods to recreate the pure vegetarian cheese. They wanted to make it look, taste and feel like real animal cheese. Well, as everyone knows the process wasn’t easy. They have adopted some traditional cheese-making steps to produce vegetarian cheese.

The proteins present in plants separate with the help of bacteria. Then the cheese is blended along with thickeners and oils to gain the desired consistency. As said earlier, the procedure of vegetarian cheese making is a lot similar to the normal process, and it indeed takes a lot of time to process. Vegetable oil and plant proteins need some time to break down, and they are incapable of bonding naturally. So they have to get settled first, and then the makers bond them. This is the reason why it tastes a little bit different than the normal ones.

Taste And Texture

Both the taste and texture of vegetarian cheese are a lot different than the normal one. It won’t melt as easy as normal cheese does. There are different types of vegetarian cheese available in the market and each one of them tastes different than the other and texture also keeps varying.

Is It Healthy?

Well, vegan cheese is created to provide cheese-eating experience for the vegans. If you expect proteins or any other nutrients from this one, then you are in for a lot of disappointment. It has fewer amounts of fat, proteins, and calcium when compared to regular cheese. The makers process the ingredients to make this cheese and hence it has higher levels of sodium in it. If you are careful about health, then better go through the list of ingredients before you pick it up.

Types Of Vegan Cheese

Similar to the regular cheese, this vegan cheese is also made in different types. From mozzarella sticks to parmesan, you can enjoy various flavors of cheese here too. As said, the makers take utmost care to recreate a vegan cheese recipe.