The Vegan Middle Eastern Food Recipe Revolution

vegan middle eastern food recipe

The first thing you need to know about a vegan Middle Eastern food recipe is that it must be prepared with fresh ingredients. No substitutions should be made for the meat or vegetable protein. Even if a recipe says that vegetables are cooked in vegetable oil, this should not be allowed. All oil should be used for cooking and nothing more.

A number of Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus, rice, and beans are prepared entirely with plant-based ingredients. Rice is cooked in coconut oil. Hummus is made from tahini, a paste created from sesame seeds roasted in virgin olive oil. There are no butter substitutes in these recipes. They are rich in taste and healthy too.

Vegetarian dishes are becoming more popular as people become health conscious. These dishes are prepared using eggs, fish, chicken, and other forms of animal protein. A vegan diet may exclude these types of foods, but there are certainly plenty of vegetarian options available if you're not ready to go completely plant-free.

Vegan Middle Eastern Food Recipe

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In countries where is the national meal, vegetarian meals are common. You will frequently see meat dishes on the menu. If you can't stomach meat, the Mexican version of taco meat is a great option.

The most important thing to remember about vegan food recipes is that they should use soy products and water. These are the staples of vegan cuisine. There's nothing better than tofu in your omelet. Other great vegan options include baba ghanouj, a traditional Middle Eastern dish consisting of chickpeas and chick fat. Another good vegan option is hummus.

One word of caution about vegan and vegetarian Middle Eastern food. The spices used in the dishes can often cause an imbalance of nutrients in some people, especially those with health problems or who are on diets. Also, it's important to choose an authentic, traditional source for your vegan or vegetarian ingredients.

Once you begin experimenting, you will be amazed at the delicious dishes you can create. And it doesn't take much preparation work. Start with chickpeas in a flour mix. Then throw in vegetables, olives, and chopped tomatoes. Throw in herbs like oregano, parsley, thyme, basil, and cilantro. Cook it on the top rack of the oven until it is done.

A Much Ado

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Serve with basmati rice and sauteed tomatoes. Enjoy your new vegan and vegetarian diet! You'll be surprised at how much flavor and nutrients you can get from simple ingredients. You may also want to consider making a vegan cream sauce to add to soups and salads.

Chickpea salads are always a tasty option. It mixes well with collard greens, spinach, chard, or other green vegetables. It is lightly seasoned with Tahini, which is ground sesame paste. Tahini is a Middle Eastern herb that is high in vitamin E and has other health benefits. It is also beneficial for reducing inflammation. You can add chopped nuts or coconut oil for extra taste.

If you are going to try out tofu, make sure you read up on the different types available. Decide if you want to eat the plain one, flavored, or vegan version. There are many restaurants and even some grocery stores that offer vegan dishes now that don't even use animal products. You can find vegan versions of many Middle Eastern meals that you had never even heard of before. For example, the popular bean and rice dish called humus are made with chickpeas that are simmered in tahini and red wine.

Feta is another meat alternative that many people are unfamiliar with. You can find it in many different styles, both authentic and non-authentic. The original is a creamy brown sauce that is richly flavored with garlic, onion, spices, and other ingredients. You can buy the non-pasteurized variety which is usually lower in fat and calories, and which you can find at many supermarkets.

Beans are another popular choice that has come a long way in recent years. It used to be seen as an inferior meat alternative but it is now better than most meats. The beans themselves are filling and contain just the right amount of protein. They are also very low in saturated fat.

Bottom Line

Poultry is another alternative that has come a long way in recent years. Most Americans aren't familiar with the fact that chicken is actually a leg of duck or turkey. Some of the more exotic recipes call for the fillet of white fish. When shopping for poultry, look for those which have been free-range or organic, and which don't use any by-products or chemicals. Finally, if you're looking for vegan options, you might want to try tofu, which can be found in many vegan dishes in the west.

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