The Rise Of Vegan Desserts

vegan desserts atlanta

You will find vegan desserts Atlanta and throughout the country at specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants and online venues. These desserts are not so much a part of a vegan diet, as they are a delicious, indulgent indulgence that can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Vegan bakers in Atlanta to serve some of the tastiest desserts made with fruits, nuts and coconut. The recipes are often creative and innovative and taste great.

Traditional Vegan Desserts

Some traditional vegan desserts include chocolate-flavored maple bars and fruit smoothie. Desserts such as these may be offered by most bakeries or you can place an order for them through the company's online platforms. Ordering online is usually simple and convenient and you can have your deserts delivered to your door. In addition to traditional vegan desserts, many Atlanta area restaurants and boutiques also offer vegan or vegetarian selections. The vegan bakeries serve many different types of desserts and the tastes are usually comparable to those found at a traditional bakery.

Online Vegan Bakeries

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Many online vegan bakeries offer vegan cakes, cupcakes and other sweets. These treats can be customized with your own taste or you can choose from several standard vegan choices. Vegan cakes can be purchased as individual creations or as themed creations such as a" Vegan Appetizers" party," Vegan Birthday Cake" or" Vegan Cookies and Cupcakes." Themed events such as these are fun ways for guests to support a cause or enjoy a creative dessert. If you are hosting a wedding or bridal shower, consider offering vegan desserts. Not only will your guest feel good about supporting a lifestyle that includes animal rights, but they will also love having a variety of tasty desserts.

Atlanta's Best Bakery

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Atlanta's Best Bakery is one of Atlanta's premier dining establishments. They offer vegan and gluten-free options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to their traditional breakfast menu with organic eggs and organic sugar they also have an extensive gluten-free menu that is available in five delicious flavors: banana nut, banana peanut, almond, mapleberry apple and raspberry.

There are also several vegan bakeries in the area that specialize in vegan desserts. One of Atlanta's most popular vegan bakeries is Pinch of Yum. This bakery offers many vegan options for dessert such as vegan banana pudding, vegan chocolate pudding, vegan blueberry bread pudding and much more. They offer a large variety of gluten-free specialty cakes, cupcakes and cookies as well as vegan desserts for special occasions. Pinch of Yum's menu features vegan cookies, cupcakes and brownie bites along with a large variety of deserts including key lime pies, chocolate chip cookies, tiramisu-dessert mix, pineapple shortcake and much more.

Several other vegan bakeries around Atlanta also offer vegan desserts. vegan ice cream parlor Pritika offers several vegan frozen dessert varieties including vegan ice cream pie, vegan chocolate ice cream pie, vegan banana split, vegan chocolate peanut butter pie and more. The vegan cake recipe offered at this restaurant has been so popular that it even moved to a new location at Pritika Way. Pritika's owner, Pamela Coleman, also happens to be an expert on the gluten-free diet while being able to personally prepare her desserts with a special concoction of ingredients and flax seeds, which helps to keep the pie from being too sweet or too dry.

There are a number of other Atlanta-area vegan restaurants that also serve excellent desserts. Many vegan restaurants offer a wide variety of desserts, including ones that are free of eggs and dairy products. desserts at Atlanta's Best Vegetarian Pizzeria offer an assortment of vegan desserts, including vegan oatmeal cookies, vegan chocolate chip cookies and more. At Sweet Apple Desserts, you'll find award winning desserts including apple pie and banana pudding pie. At Le Cajun Cafe, you'll find many different exotic flavors of vegan desserts served by professional chefs.


If you're looking for vegan desserts in Atlanta, you have several options. Atlanta is a food city with an incredible diversity of dining options. You can find vegan ice cream sandwiches at many Atlanta restaurants, including Blank Planet, Sweet Tomatoes and More, Karma Bar and Tastefully Simple among others. You can also find vegan ice cream cakes and pies at various dessert shops around town and online such as Vegan Deli, The Lazy Cow, Pies On The Beach and more.

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