The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

All meals remain incomplete without a sweet dish. Be it adults or kids everyone loves these delicious dishes after their meals. Moreover, they help us to satiate our sweet tooth as well. Furthermore, they also tend to be the perfect party and evening snacks. The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake tend to be one of the most sought after and demanding sweet dish that you can try at home.

Moreover, you even can get various options as well in the arena of cheesecakes. However, you always do not need to visit the stores to get yourself a cheesecake. You can easily make cheesecakes at home with certain simple ingredients.

Let us have a look at the recipe of easy vegan cheesecake. 

The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe
The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

Ingredients Required For The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

To make the easy vegan cheesecake recipe, you will need the following ingredients. 

› Half cup of vegan graham cracker crumbs

›Five tablespoons of melted coconut oil

› One- fourth tablespoon of granulated sugar 

› Three ounces of vegan cream cheese

›Four tablespoons of cornstarch 

›Two teaspoons of vanilla extract 

›Three tablespoons of lemon juice 

›One and a half cup of fresh strawberries sliced into beautiful pieces

›One teaspoon of lemon zest

The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe
The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

Method To Make The Best Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

› To bake the easy vegan cheesecake, you need to preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius. Moreover, you also need to line the baking tray with aluminum foil to prevent the cheesecake from sticking to it. 

› In the middle of the baking dish, add the cookie crumbs and then add to it melted coconut oil. Moreover, you need to add granulated sugar to the mixture as well. Then combine all the ingredients carefully and press down on the baking tray. 

› Now in another mixing bowl beat the vegan cream cheese till light and fluffy. Moreover, you can either use an electric beater or hand blender to beat it. After beating the cream cheese add all the filling ingredients to the cream cheese. Mix all the ingredients properly, and then add it to the baking tray over the crust. 

› Now take a large pan and place the vegan cheesecake in it and then fill with halfway water. Moreover, you need to use warm water to ensure that your cheesecake does not start to crack. Furthermore, after some time, you need to place the pan in the preheated oven 

›To ensure that your easy cheesecake recipe does not fail, bake it for about fifty minutes. After fifty minutes, turn off the stove and remove the cheesecake from it. Moreover, to ensure that your smooth vegan cheesecake has a perfect texture, let it sit for around ten minutes. 


› Now let your cheesecake cool completely in room temperature for about fifteen minutes. Moreover, you also need to ensure that you do not disturb the cheesecake while cooling. To get the perfect shape and taste of the easy vegan cheesecake keep it in the refrigerator. Furthermore, ensure that you refrigerate it for at least four hours. Serve your easy vegan cheesecake with strawberry sauce and top it with sliced strawberries.

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