Super Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Super Easy And Quick Veg Recipes

 In this busy life, nobody has time to cook for hours. Here are some quick recipes with a natural process that you will love for sure. When we talk about veg recipes from other’s methods and perspectives, the first thing that came in mind is that there might be some unusual ingredients. These easy veg recipes are delicious, tasty, and mouth-watering with all the familiar elements present in the kitchen. 

Everyone loves to have some different tastes. Taste can change the mood of a person within seconds. Try some new different flavor with the usual ingredients just by changing the procedure of making it.

Super Easy And Quick Veg Recipes
Super Easy And Quick Veg Recipes

Chilli Potato Veg Recipe

Super Easy And Quick Veg Recipes
Super Easy And Quick Veg Recipes

Take some potatoes, peel it off, and slice them. Put the slices in freshwater for about 30 minutes.

You need one onion that too medium size, one capsicum, garlic cloves (large 5 or 6 in quantity), ginger, three chilies (according to your requirement), spring onions greens can be used for making the dish more flavourful.

Make the paste of 2 teaspoons soya sauce and two teaspoons of red chili sauce. Keep it aside as for now.

Potatoes can be deep-fried and add cornflour in it. Corn flour adds crisp to the recipe and is used in most of the veg recipes. Add all the ingredients said above and serve it with the sauce.

This quick recipe will save you time, and you can even feel relax and withdraw yourself from getting tired with hours of cooking.

Macaroni Veg Recipes

Try this super easy, quick recipe with delicious taste and fresh ingredients at home. You can make fast food as good health is equally important.

Just take some of the macaroni and rinse with clear water. Then keep it for boiling on medium flame. Now on the other side of the stove, heat oil and add ginger and garlic paste in it. Use nicely chopped onions that too 1/3 cup.

One cup of tomatoes will bring amazing taste in this recipe. Plants are the primary flavor of this recipe. Mix all the other vegetables like peas, capsicum (yellow or green), spicy herbs as per your taste demands. Now stir the boiled macaroni in the vegetable gravy prepared. Mix it well, tossing correctly up and down.

The quick veg recipe is ready for serving with your favorite sauce.

Veg Curd Sandwich Recipes

It is one of the most straightforward and easy recipes that you can even think. IT is yummy and quite delicious that will satisfy your hunger and also keeps you in good health.

First, take the large size bread and cut the sides off. Now you can apply yogurt or curd on the food. It makes the sandwich creamy and smooth.

Now to add a great taste in, it adds some vegetables finely grated and chopped. You can use tomatoes, onion chopped, and cucumber; add some pepper salt or spices. Garnish it with pudina leaves.
Serve the veg curd sandwich with sauce.

Serve the veg curd sandwich with sauce.

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