Simple Vegetarian Recipes – A Review Of Popular Vegan Recipes

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With a food blogger community and a huge array of simple vegetarian recipes, it’s easy to find a recipe for every taste. You can experiment with the ingredients to make something special that is not common or possible with a conventional recipe. Here are some vegan recipes that you can try.

Spiciest – Avocado and Garlic Chips. This is a great spicy vegan recipe that really hits the spot. You can either use your favorite spices or use some of your own to give the chips a unique flavor.

Soy Noodles: Vegan Recipes

Surprisingly Bitter – Ginger Soy Noodles. There is nothing more refreshing than a bowl of warm noodles with a bowl of spicy, sweet, and sour tofu. In order to add some extra flavor and an unexpected twist, you can add the tofu scallion marinade to the soy noodles before baking them.

Simple Vegetarian Recipes - A Review Of Popular Vegan Recipes
Simple Vegetarian Recipes – A Review Of Popular Vegan Recipes

Spicy – Spicy Carrot and Garlic Chutney. Carrots and garlic are very nutritious and easily found in your pantry. The chutney is relatively simple to make and adds a wonderful flavor to your vegetarian dishes. This is one of the more unusual vegan recipes, but it does make a delicious treat.

Aromatic – Roasted and Aged Dried Garlic and Pepper. A very popular vegetable addition, the roasted and aged flavors of the dried garlic and dried pepper lend themselves well to your dishes. The process of roasting garlic and adding the salt and pepper after is interesting and quite tasty. It’s a very straightforward, easy, and versatile way to add a twist to your traditional vegetarian meals.

Different Types Of Vegan Recipes

Crunchy – Peanut Noodles. You may not think of peanut as a favorite veggie, but it certainly is one of the healthiest choices. This delicious recipe is not only a favorite with vegan guests but also makes a great snack for your children. It can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys warm, crispy, and crunchy foods.

Crispy – Cauliflower and Rice. This is a wonderful side dish that pairs well with just about any type of meal. If you are a fan of French fries, this is the perfect recipe for you.

Creamy – Tofu Ricotta. This is one of the simplest and most delicious recipes that you can try. You will love the gooey, cheesy goodness that is not possible with the regular tofu. This recipe takes some time and effort, but the end result is worth it.

Simple Vegetarian Recipes - A Review Of Popular Vegan Recipes
Simple Vegetarian Recipes – A Review Of Popular Vegan Recipes

Vegan Desserts To Try

Simple – Nacho Cheesecake. Another easy recipe for a healthy vegan dessert. It does take some planning, but it is worth it. The base is made from a cheesecake mix, which makes it very easy to customize with your favorite flavorings.

Sweet – Fruit Curd with Fresh Apples. The combination of apple and yogurt is an excellent base for your desserts, especially if you want to get something healthy and yummy at the same time. This is a simple, yet delicious vegan recipe.

Healthy – Sweet Potato Soup. With a base of broth and a dash of cinnamon, this soup is rich, hearty, and very flavorful. It is also quite quick to make, which makes it an excellent, quick dinner. This recipe will not only help you get a healthy meal in a hurry but also make it a part of your family’s tradition.

Bottom Line

These are just a few examples of a great vegan recipe. These vegan recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings and add a new twist to your normal vegetarian recipes. Now, you can have something special to eat when you want a different taste for dinner or for lunch.

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