Plastic Peeler: Peeler Fruit Vegetable Zester

Peeler Fruit Vegetable Zester

We need modern appliances and tools to make our life simple. Since we all have a busy life, and in a rush, we don’t prefer to spend time in the kitchen for cooking and food preparation. We definitely need kitchen tools for us which will help us in the future and make things easier. Moreover, we need tools with which we can prepare food in a short time. Cutting fruits and vegetables require a considerable amount of time. To reduce the time demands the same, we must adopt a plastic peeler with which we can peel the skin of fruits and vegetables with ease and fast. It saves us a lot of time. 

Peeler Fruit Vegetable Zester

The fruit and vegetable peeler consists of plastic. Unlike wooden peelers, that get damaged with water and moisture quickly, this plastic peeler is long-lasting. Moreover, the holder appears in such a way that it prevents slipping from the hand and hurting any body part while peeling off the skin of fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, the blade consists of good quality stainless-steel, designated as 420J2 type. The handle of the plastic peeler consists of polyvinyl plastic, which one can call as PP plastic. 

Different Features Of The Product

A tool for cutting and peeling mustn’t be massive. Otherwise, it becomes very uneasy about using that tool. The plastic peeler is very lightweight. It is 32gm in weight. Hence, it is considered lightweight and easy to hold for a long time. 

The plastic peelers are available in different colors. These colors include red, blue, and lemon green. This product is available just at $17.50. Moreover, this product will ship within 24 hours after placing the order. In addition to this, the peeler is available worldwide without any shipping cost.

Why You Should Buy This Product

The holder of the plastic peeler has grips. Thus, the plastic peeler won’t slip from your hand and create any unwanted situation. The handle consists of PP plastic. PP plastic can take in high temperatures. Even if you mistakenly keep the peeler close to the oven, the plastic won’t get easily damaged. In addition to this, the stainless steel can resist corrosion, and of course, it cannot get damaged due to oxidation. Hence, the blade is very long-lasting. However, you have to be very careful and meticulous if you consider cleaning the edge of the peeler.

The blade is firmly attached to the plastic handle. The plastic peeler is entirely suitable and compatible if you consider peeling of skins or stems from hard fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the stainless steel type makes the peeler more suitable for peeling considerably hard parts of vegetables and fruits.

Guideline For Using

It is effortless to use a plastic peeler. You need to hold the tool firmly and peel off the skin just by scraping the surface with the blade. However, it is always recommended to be very careful while using such sharp objects. We advise you to keep this peeler away from children and pets.


This plastic peeler is one of the essential tools for a smart kitchen. We are sure the users will like this product.

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