Pasta Taste Better By Following These Steps


Have you ever ended up wondering why the pasta which you last grabbed at a top restaurant is tastier? Here I am going to tell you how to make pasta taste better.

Do you also end up thinking why home-made paste is not that creamy and tasty? They indeed use many more ingredients than you do, but there are tricks to make pasta tasty.

These tricks are quite simple and can be quickly followed at home while cooking your favourite pasta recipe. You’ll be surprised to know that you can entirely skip dairy products to get a restaurant like the taste of your pasta.

Skip on adding that extra cream or cheese and replicate these simple tricks for tasty pasta. Let’s begin revealing these quick and straightforward pasta hacks!

Pasta Taste Better By Following These Steps
Pasta Taste Better By Following These Steps

4 Quick Tips To Make Pasta Tasty

  1. Avoid cooking pasta in advance: What we generally do while cooking pasta at home is boil our favourite penne or spaghetti in advance.

While we let the boiled pasta sit, we start preparing our favourite pasta sauce. This is where we go wrong! When you let your pasta sit, it loses the creamy starch that is locked in freshly cooked pasta.

This starch gives a great creamy, cheesy texture to your final dish and makes your pasta taste better. So the next time you prepare your favourite pasta recipe, make sure to cook pasta and sauce simultaneously.

  • Cooking pasta with the sauce: for tasty pasta, drain your pasta while it is still half-cooked.

Remember to add your pasta to the sauce immediately after draining it and toss it well with the sauce. This way, your pasta absorbs the flavour and gets its creamy, rich texture. Remember next time to toss your pasta and sauce well for tasty pasta.

  • Pasta cooking water for better pasta taste: Pasta releases starch while it is boiled. Hence, it is good not to drain the entire water.

You can add extra starch to your pasta by adding this cooking water, and there you go. A richer, creamier hack for better pasta taste. The amount of water to be added depends on the quantity of pasta being cooked. But a cup or two is good to go with to make your pasta taste better.

  • Cheese in the end: Add cheese to your pasta after it has been well cooked with the sauce.

Let the cooked pasta sit for a while and then toss in some cheese for a great taste.

Pasta Taste Better By Following These Steps
Pasta Taste Better By Following These Steps

Avoiding Dairy For Better Pasta Taste

Instead of using dairy products, you can switch to plant-based alternatives for a tasty pasta. You can use soaked cashew or sunflower seed to make your pasta sauce creamy and thick.

To make your tasty pasta, you can also add soy milk with cornstarch for that thick consistency. You can also use butternut squash and avocado for a tasty pasta and quick flavour. Remember to roast the ingredients well for a great taste.