Pasta Dressing | What Goes Well In Pasta

Pasta Dressing | What Goes Well In Pasta

Italy exports its pasta and the many sauces they use for Dressing Pasta, all over the world. So, we find out how to prepare sauces to serve on pasta as if we were in Italy. In this article, we will talk about pasta dressing. Italian cuisine is perhaps the most popular in the world. At least, it is the one that expands the most. Their dishes begin with universal pizza and, above all, pasta, a dish that never disappears from the Italian table.

Pasta Dressing | What Goes Well In Pasta
Pasta Dressing | What Goes Well In Pasta

And, as kings of pasta, they have created innumerable sauces for Pasta Dressing. Moreover, a lot of these sauces are in our recipes. There are also other sauces that we only know by name or do not prepare them as they do in Italy. Like the famous Bolognese sauce or carbonara. Pesto, green or red, is another sauce that many people already prepare at home.  However, others may sound like us in the name or have tried these sauces at specialized restaurants.

Know-How To Cook Pasta And Do Pasta Dressing

To prepare a good plate of pasta, the first thing is to buy and cook the same quality pasta, of course. You can find it in dried or fresh stores and in a thousand and one forms: elongated or ribbons, short, tubes or stuffed, and also in flat style.

Categories Of Pasta Dressing

Each type of pasta has its cooking, which the manufacturer already specifies on the label. Apart from the time, there is unanimity. Pasta must be cooked in abundant water, in a proportion of 1 liter of water and 10 grams of salt for every 100 grams of pasta. First, we boil the water, then we pour the salt and the pasta.  Afterward, we raise the flame to recover the boil and let it cook while stirring occasionally.

Each Pasta With Its Sauce

Some sauces seem made for one type of pasta and always go together. However, other sauces that can usually go with spaghetti, can be served with all types of pasta, such as noodles, bucatini, or macaroni.

Although it may seem a lie, the taste is very different if we eat two different pasta seasoned with the same sauce.  So, here is some advice when choosing the pasta for each sauce:

– With light appetizers, fresh tomato, mollusks, oil, and garlic, etc., you can have medium and fine spaghetti.

– If you serve a meat ragout with thick and spicy sauces, choose long thick paste, and striped macaroni.

– Now with bacon, ham or sausages, use macaroni.

– when your dish is with mushrooms and green or white sauces, you can have noodles, and ribbons.

– For all kinds of soups, there is small and thin pasta.

Pasta Dressing | What Goes Well In Pasta
Pasta Dressing | What Goes Well In Pasta

 The Dressing Pasta, With Good Mayonnaise

Another big mistake is salad-Pasteur. The paste smeared in mayonnaise or pink sauce loses all its grace. The intrinsic is that pasta salad is not a regular one and needs a Dressing Pasta according to its specificity: thick but not cow burro.

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