How Do You Fix A Sunken Cake


Ever experienced the disaster of sunken cakes? It occurs when the air holes have closed the texture and stuck together. So, when your cake is sunken at the center, it merely means that you have underbaked. The sunken cakes leave your cake raw and runny. 

Few Reasons Behind Sunken Cake

How Do You Fix A Sunken Cake
How Do You Fix A Sunken Cake

Baking is a beautiful hobby. Sometimes, disasters fall upon you. The main problem encountered is sunken cakes. Here are a few reasons for sunken cakes:

A significant reason for sunken cakes is an incorrect temperature of your oven. 

Another common problem is mainly due to underbaking the cake

Always check the expiry date of your baking powder. This expiry leads to sunken cakes.

Addition of extra baking powder or baking soda more than necessary causes sinkage This addition often leads to sunken cakes.

Always measure your ingredients right. Incorrect measurement can cause sunken cakes.

Sometimes overbeating the batter in the last stage leads to sunken cakes.

Follow the correct mixing order. The mixing of the ingredients in the wrong order leads to sunken cakes.

Another major problem is moisture levels. The incorrect levels of moisture can make your cupcakes sunken.

How To Rescue A Sunken Cake?

Every time you face the problem of sunken cake baking, it again isn’t the right option. You need to find the right reason and fix it accordingly.

Tips On Fixing A Minor Sinkage:

If your sunken cake is just a light depression, add a cover-up. The recession is due to either underbaking or overbaking. 

Use icing, buttercream, whipped cream or any other frosting as your cover-up. This frosting helps you to hide your sunken depression.

Supposedly, you favor icing with fondant. This icing works by applying extra buttercream in the depression area. This method levels the sunken cake.

But remember for a specific type of brownies is no problem. As little sinkage makes it more gooey and delicious.

How Do You Fix A Sunken Cake
How Do You Fix A Sunken Cake

Tips On Fixing a Major Sinkage

For serious sinkages, the best thing to do is to remove the sunken part. Only the sunken part is undercooked; the rest is perfectly baked.

Use a chef’s ring or cookie cutter to remove the sunken part. You can also use a spoon to dig out. The remaining part resembles a ring.

Now you can fill the sunken cake center with your favorite treats. You can use frostings, cream cheese, fruits, and icing.

Then go on with decoration. You can decorate the lateral sides, top, and bottom. Use the treats of your choice.

Once you have finished with your cake, treat yourself and your friends some yummy treat.

Remember that all great recipes have their origins with mistakes.

More Baking Tips To Learn:

To decorate a pretty cake, then have a perfect base. Use a black canvas to have an ideal leveling.

You can master yourself through patience and practice. This method helps you achieve a smooth buttercream finish.

Nothing more than a sunken cake is ever heart-breaking. Remember that such mishaps happen. These small incidents.