Easy Vegan Gluten Free Diets For Holistic Weight Loss and Health

easy vegan gluten free desserts

Dairy does not contribute to the flavor and texture of our desserts. When we consume more plant-based foods, we will often find that we don't crave those sweet, fattening, starchy desserts!

One quick and simple vegan recipe for dessert is a dessert called beaming baker ice cream. It is made by mixing pitted dates, raw sugar, and water in a blender. You can also substitute apple cider vinegar for the date syrup if you don't like the strong, sour taste of dates. You can add ice cubes to enhance the cooling effect of this dessert. You can store this dessert in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks, so it will last long between meals.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

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Another delicious dessert option is chocolate peanut butter bars. This is also made by combining dates, maple syrup, and water in a blender. You can also substitute apple cider vinegar for the date syrup if you don't like the strong, sour taste of dates. These vegan chocolate chip bars are very tasty and healthy. They have less fat and fewer calories than most other vegan products.

Other great easy vegan weight loss desserts include a tasty and healthy banana pudding, a moist carrot cake, and a delicious brownie. The key to any of these recipes is using ingredients that are healthier for you. Using the regular sugar and flour versions of your favorite desserts will only make them more fattening and unhealthy. You should instead focus on using whole-wheat flour, preferably organic, which will give you much better results than typical refined flour.

A Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

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A quick dessert idea is a vegan ice cream recipe. This is easy to do, and all you need is a food processor and some high quality ice cream products. You can find vegan ice cream bars in any health food store or even better online. Just buy plain, no sugar added, and add some fresh, no-sugar add-ons such as raw cacao or probiotic dried fruits, for extra nutrition. It is important not to over-indulge with the sugar because it will negate the healthy ingredients you are adding.

Another delicious dessert idea is to bake healthy peanut butter bars with a banana peel for added crunch. You can find vegan chocolate chips or organic coconut flour at your local health food store or online. Mix the dry ingredients together and then add in the tapioca starch and vanilla until it forms a paste-like consistency. Form into small cookies or bars and then place in the oven or microwave for golden brown baked treats.

A Fast Snack

If you need a fast snack, consider baking a few healthy chocolate chips cookies. This is done quickly and easily and with a variety of flavors such as maple syrup, cinnamon and coconut oil, for added flavor and moistness.

Mix together some tapioca starch, some vegan chocolate chips and coconut flour. Form into little cookies or bars and place in the oven or microwave for a delicious, nutritious and healthy snack.


A healthy way to enjoy a dessert is to make some vegan chocolate chip cookies. This is an easy dessert idea that is made from mostly unprocessed ingredients. All you need for this dessert is some vegan chocolate chips, some unsweetened, natural yogurt and a finely chopped banana. Stir together the yogurt, chips and bananas until they form a smooth consistency. Spread the mixture between two cookie sheets and then pop in the oven or microwave for delicious, chewy cookies. Baking these kind of cookies is quick and easy and best of all they are very filling, which means your body will get more nutrients in a healthier way.

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