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Easy Dessert Recipes 6 For a Low Calorie Vegan Diet

low calorie vegan desserts

Are you looking for low calorie vegan desserts? If so, this article can provide you with a few ideas. There are so many different types of deserts out there and not all of them are delicious or good for you. That’s why I’m going to share with you some easy dessert recipes: 6 vegan low calorie desserts that taste great and will help you lose weight.

An Overview

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One of my favorite desserts on the planet are raw vegan yogurt cookies. I’ve had many people tell me that they hate them. Well, I didn’t have any doubts before I tried them. I love using the recipes that I have found to make these desserts. They taste like the real ones, but they are only made from vegetables and yogurt.

Another of the great low calorie vegan desserts is no baked chocolate chip cookies. You can get this recipe in almost any health food store. There are only a few ingredients that you need to use and they are just right. These make a great snack because they are small enough that you can eat a couple. You can also take a piece home and heat it up in the microwave if you’d rather have a hot one. This makes a delicious healthy dessert that you can enjoy anytime during the day.

If you’re a brownie lover but you’re not too big on baking, you might be interested in trying a raw chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is another one of my easy dessert recipes: 6 vegan low calorie desserts that taste great and won’t cost you a penny. The key to this recipe is using high quality vegan chocolate chips instead of vegetable or organic chips. This will ensure that you don’t consume an excessive amount of unnecessary calories and it will taste great.

Other Quick And Easy Dessert Recipes

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My other quick and easy dessert recipes 6 for a low calorie low fat diet include a delicious raw pumpkin pie with healthy chocolate chips and a maple syrup glaze. Both of these recipes make great desserts, even when they are cold. If you choose to serve them warm, you can place a frozen spiced pumpkin in the freezer and use it to make a delicious dessert. Once you thaw it out, its a wonderful Halloween pie that everyone will rave about. If you don’t have time to make pumpkin pie this year, don’t worry, you can still have all of the above fruits and a delicious dessert to serve at any time of the year.

One more of my quick easy dessert recipes 6 for a low calorie diet is banana bread. This is a very easy recipe with great flavor. It consists of a sliced banana soaked in water in which you add some maple syrup and a bit of natural sweetener until the bananas start to break down. You then gently mix the wet ingredients together and fold in the dry ingredients just like regular bread.

Another of my quick easy dessert recipes 6 for a low fat vegan diet is a delicious raw chocolate cake with organic raw cacao. I love this dessert. Not only does it taste good, but it is also very healthy. It has over 50 calories less than a traditional chocolate cake and a great taste that are satisfying.

Wrapping Them Up

These are just two of the many easy dessert recipes 6 for a low calorie diet that you can make from scratch using simple ingredients that you probably already have in your home. There are many other great recipes out there by using yummy delicious ingredients like fresh fruit and vegetables instead of sugary toppings. You don’t need to eat like a tree bare; you can eat healthily and still have the tastiest food that you’ve ever had. You just need to know what kinds of food work best for you.

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