Easy and Cheap Vegan Recipes For Batch Cooking

vegan batch cooking

A lot of people have heard of "vegan batch cooking," but not as much as they know it. Batch cooking is an exciting way to transition into being a vegan or vegetarian. You don't have to completely give up eating meat; it's just that you want to do it in a much healthier way. There are several ways to prepare delicious vegan foods that won't take all day. Here are some ideas.

Quinoa This quick and easy meal is the perfect example of vegan batch cooking. You can start this type of meal as early as the morning or even late in the evening, depending on your time availability. You will need to use either black or brown rice (I prefer brown) and a grain of your choice, such as quinoa. You will cook the rice in one pan while preparing the other vegetable in another. The end result is a warm, delicious meal, which uses up little of your precious rice resources.

An Overview

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Quinoa, unlike rice and other grains, is not widely available in stores. Fortunately, it is so easy to find online that you can find plenty of vegan recipe books and eBooks that have many delicious recipes for quinoa. Simply substitute black beans or other low calorie vegetables for your usual rice, and you are ready to start cooking. In fact, vegan batch cooking with quinoa is fast becoming the new way to prepare a healthy, nutrient-dense meal.

Chickpeas There is something wonderfully delicious about chickpeas. They are full of protein, fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates, and they are easily incorporated into vegan recipes. In addition, they are cheap to purchase and quick to cook – Chickpeas are great for those who like to eat foods on the run. When I'm in a pinch, I like to cook chickpeas in a simple yet tasty chickpea salad.

Vegan Recipes for Batch Cooking

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Zucchini Another one of the more expensive but indispensable ingredients in vegan batch cooking is zucchini. Cheap and versatile, it can be used in a variety of recipes. Just cook it with any pasta and you've added another nutritious ingredient to your diet. Don't be fooled by warnings to not cook the zucchini raw, though. Cook it a bit longer than you might think to get the full nutritional benefits. In addition to the delicious spaghetti squash recipe found in my cookbook, I have also made delicious zucchini soup, pumpkin soup, and even vegan oatmeal.

Easy Vegan Stock A stock is one of the simplest ways to add variety and body to your vegan recipes. For a fun, finger food, try roasting a veggie in a coconut oil and herbs pot. You'll have a tasty vegetable stock in no time! For a more hearty pot of stock, roast a carrot or two and add some potatoes and onions. That's a delicious way to use up a roast of carrots that you probably have sitting in your back yard.

Baked Tofu baked tempeh has a delicious nutty flavor that goes great with many vegan foods. I love to add this to my vegan chili, stir fry meals, and chicken dishes. Tempeh is also great in a baked until golden brown kind of like pizza sauce. This makes a fantastic baked tempeh muffin that is absolutely delicious for a snack after a meal like a salad.

Bottom Line

These are just three of many vegan batch cooking recipes that are super easy to make and yet are full of nutritional value. If you make a lot of vegan meals, these quick and easy recipes will save you time and money. The more of these vegan recipes you learn, the better prepared you will be for whatever comes to the dinner table. You will be ready to cook meals like the ones I've listed in just a few minutes.

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