Cafe Mambo Raw Vegetarian Desserts Near Me

raw vegan desserts near me

It's funny how people can talk about raw vegan desserts near me. I live on the East Coast, and we have a pretty decent range of coffee shops and "fine dining" establishments that serve vegan food in this area. However, even in the town center and along the beach, there are more places serving raw vegan meals than I can count on one hand. My latest discovery of raw vegan desserts near me is a restaurant called Fallout New York, which serves vegan chocolate cake and coffee with a variety of vegan milkshakes.

Fallout New York- Raw Vegan Desserts Near Me

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The owner, Holly Holm, uses all natural products from local and organic farm sources for the raw vegan desserts. Everything from the milkshakes to the cake and the ice cream come from local farmers, and it's all done with conscience. Home is committed to not only being fair to animals but also to her customers. She loves her job, and she loves working with the animals that she serves. So it's no surprise that she makes sure that her kitchen and dining room are free of anything that may hurt animals (and we all know what some ingredients can do to our insides). If you're looking for raw vegan desserts near me, look no further.

According to Holly Holm's website, Fallout New York serves vegan chocolate cake and coffee as part of their regular menu. This means that they use vegan chocolate as the main ingredient in everything that they make, including their desserts. The recipes are simple, yet delicious, and the vegan chocolate is purchased from a local family farm. While it's not exactly the same as other vegan dessert menus around, I'm willing to bet that it's just as good, if not better than any of the desserts offered at some of the other vegan restaurants in NYC.

California Pizza Of Fallout New York

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Just down the street from Fallout New York, you can find the vegan haven known as Sweet Tomatoes. This spot is located on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and they serve some seriously delicious raw vegan pizza. The pizza is made using a California Pizza Institute style of flour and pepper, which is why it goes so well with the garden variety tomato, because both types of tomatoes have great flavor. You might not think of cheese in pizza, but the chef does include some organic milk and dill pickle chips on the menu. If you like your pizza with a kick, this might be a fantastic place to go for your next visit to Manhattan.

While we were in Manhattan, I also made the short trip to the adjacent borough of Queens to see Queens Raw, which is located in Astoria. Unlike Fallout New York, this Queens spot actually has an actual vegan spot. I love Queens Raw because their recipes use real, fresh ingredients and are made with fresh juice and nutritionally-sound ingredients. Of course, you're going to need to score exactly five points when it comes to hitting the raw foods buffet. The entrees range from the delicious, original beet salad to the delicious Thai chicken salad that puts a little heat on all the raw food enthusiasts in your household!

If I had to make a single entry to the raw food buffet, it would definitely be my very favorite of all of the places I've been to so far. Located in Manhattan's hip East Village, the L'Orient serves up a delectable variety of Asian-inspired dishes, which are made with vegetables, raw vegetables, and even raw fruits. The judges score exactly what they put in the dishes no filler, meat loaf or cheese platter will be allowed! I'm not sure why there are people who think it's an unfair contest, since the chef makes a point of only using the freshest of ingredients.

Astoria At Cafe Mambo

In Astoria at Cafe Mambo, the vegan dessert chefs bring the same vibrancy and creativity to the menu that they do for their meat and poultry entrees. Some of the "Desserts" offered on the cafe mambo menu include mangoes with cashews, beetroot with apple cider vinegar, nut-filled dates, pears with coconut cream-these are just a few examples of the vegan desserts that can be found on this wonderful dining establishment. Some "Desserts" offered in the Cafe Mambo dessert bar include banana pudding with maple glaze, peanut butter and maple glazed pecan pie, chocolate-flavored coconut cake, and chocolate-flavored coconut ice cream. There are also some other entrees on offer in this establishment, including: spicy chickpeas with cashew nuts, goat cheese and tomato, and Indian vegetable curry. Of course, the dessert bar is filled with tasty goodies such as: chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate-flavored coconut, white chocolate mint with vanilla, and lemon mousse with chocolate shavings.

Summing Up

There are many other raw vegan desserts restaurants in my local area. If I had to choose one, it would definitely be Cafe Mambo Raw, because it offers such amazing tasting food. The raw vegan meals offered here have a slightly different kick than many raw foodists are used to. It's truly a unique experience to dine in a raw vegan restaurant.

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