Best Vegan Cooking Classes in New Jersey

vegan cooking classes nj

Do you need some tips on vegan cooking? Here are some of the best vegan cooking classes in New Jersey that will teach you all the basics and some secret tips to delicious vegan cooking.

Cooking With Chef Vipul Bhasin

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This cooking class explores authentic, generations-old Indian cuisine. Chef Vipul Bhasin starts the class with an introduction to Indian spices and techniques. Cooking Demo with Dinner, Cooking a Complete Indian meal, Take-home recipes with instructions, $45 per person, 2 convenient dates to choose from (or choose both), Seating is Limited. 

Spice Galli Cooking Classes

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Favors and Flavors, I dole them out with a dash of pride, a pinch of passion and ladles full of love. Having inherited my mom’s secret recipes and her flair for cooking, I’ve combined the two with my love for everything culinary. With constant encouragement from friends and family and a difficult-to-please, self-professed foodie-of-a husband, I realized early on that I could serve magic on a platter. I also realized that food can provide and empower families, bringing contentment and good health in equal measure. Spice Gali is my earnest endeavor, my path to fulfillment through time-tested and well-loved recipes that serve the economic and nourishment needs of modern-day families. 

Ministry Of Curry – Indian Cooking Classes By Archana Mundhe

Hi, I’m Archana! I’m a techie by trade but chef by heart. Welcome to my world of home cooking, crafts and most importantly, family experiences. Here you’ll get doses of my family’s daily meals. My step by step recipes will help you easily transport the flavors of India, Thailand, China and all over the world from my kitchen to yours. A 2-3 hour class that focuses on an introduction to the Indian spices, and then together we cook two main dishes (1 vegetarian and 1 chicken). Meal includes steamed Basmati rice or Parathas. All classes include tips on healthy and nutritious Indian food and preparation. 

Indian Cooking Classes (Edison,Nj)

Want to learn to cook authentic Indian food vegetarian and non-vegetarian from an experienced chef? The classes will run for 2 hours and the cost is $35.00 per class per person. They will be held in a private home with a modern kitchen. Classes will be limited to 6 people in order to provide personalized instruction. Includes: snacks, recipe cards and dinner. 

Chef Matthew Kenney’s Food Future Institute 

This place will engage your time and energy much more than your homemade sourdough starter. With over 100 lessons, the program is a commitment, but the skills you’ll master will pay back in dividends. Based on classic culinary school techniques, you’ll learn patisserie, pasta-making, advanced knife skills, flavor and texture balancing, and more. If you’ve ever walked away from a satisfying meal at one of Kenney’s restaurants thinking, “I wish I could make that at home,” this course is exactly what you need.

These are some of the best places to learn vegan cooking in New Jersey.

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