Adjustable Fruit Peeler Double Finger Cutter


Many people use a peeler for one purpose only – to cut the skin off fruits and vegetables. But this kitchen tool can do more than just peeling your vegetables and fruits in your kitchen. the peeler may seem like a small toll but it is a very useful one. Peelers are great while removing the skin of many vegetables and fruits. In some cases the “nutrients” of the fruits and vegetables are present just below the skin, the peeler helps in retaining these essential nutrients and at the same time makes the job easy. We can also use these peelers to make the kids peel fruits, this will encourage them to eat.

From simple preparation, all the way to decorate the cake, here are some ways to use the peeler. 

  • Celery stick has strings that get stuck between our teeth, this peeler help to remove the skin and the same time de-string the fibers present.
  • The peeler can be of great use to shave off a thin slice of butter to spread over the bread.
  • Making curls with chocolate can be really a tough task, with this peeler we can easily make curls from the chocolates.
  • We can also make artful ribbons for salads and sandwiches with the help of this peeler.
  • The peeler can also shave super thin slices of cheese when we need them for garnish.
Adjustable Fruit Peeler Double Finger Cutter
Adjustable Fruit Peeler Double Finger Cutter

Fruit Peeler Double Finger Cutter

Peel vegetables and fruits quickly and easily with the new double finger cutter for fruit peels. Since it does not reach the handle, you must wear it with both fingers to work. He may look different at first, but once you try it, it will strip the available food. It’s super easy and easy to use and it’s also a great addition to your kitchen. The peeler can be used to peel apples, pears, potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. 

There are already various types of peeler, but it stands out. The appearance and design are very unique, so everyone will be curious. It looks like a big ring that you wear on your finger, so you can peel your favorite fruits or vegetables that you need to cook. It is much safer to use than a handle because it removes accidental injuries. Even if you make a super-sharp knife that will peel, you don’t need to worry about getting hurt. Simply hold the fruit with one hand while peeling the other hand. The peeling speed is very fast and you will not be disappointed.

It has a lightweight design that makes it very comfortable to use. The knife holder is made of plastic and rubber and is very comfortable to wear with your fingers. Anyone can certainly use it with its intelligent adjustable design. A sheet of stainless steel material that can peel without problems. Very easy to wash and does not rust even after a long time.


  • Great for peeling fruits and vegetables
  • Adjustable ring band, making it easy to use.
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Lightweight and portable.