About Vegetarian Guide Review

About Vegetarian Guide Review

The vegetarian guide is a cooking book on how to cook vegetarian food. I purchased the book about two months ago and decided to read it. What I found was it’s different from any other cookbook I’ve ever read.

With all the vegetarian cookbooks out there, you are forced to pick the right one. This guide is unique in the fact that it focuses on ingredients. I learned that by cooking with herbs and spices, I could create some very delicious vegetarian meals.

About Vegetarian Guide Review
About Vegetarian Guide Review

Vegetarian Guide

About Vegetarian Guide by Linda Alcoff was written for people who are interested in cooking like a vegetarian. It has pictures, easy to follow recipes and a lot of great tips. It was a refreshing change from other cookbooks I’ve purchased before. I enjoyed the way the author went into detail about each ingredient and provided pictures of the dishes made.

However, I used to cook like an omnivore and would make vegetarian recipes by looking at old cookbooks and watching TV shows. I never really spent any time learning about new ingredients. By reading this book, I now have a better understanding of what my body needs to properly maintain its health.

Vegetarian Cooking Ideas

About Vegetarian Guide also gives a lot of great ideas for vegetarian cooking. There are a lot of different food groups, from fruits to vegetables, and even meat. Each food group has a specific style of cooking for vegetarians. Thus, by reading this book, I learned about the different vegetables that I will be able to prepare.

My favorite vegetable recipe came out of this book. I found an orange marmalade recipe. It made an amazing marmalade, and I can’t wait to use it in some of my other dishes. However, the marmalade is supposed to be served as a sauce on potatoes cooked in bread crumbs.

Another recipe I found was a zucchini mushroom soup that I can make into a nice vegetarian meal. It was really easy to make, and I liked the taste. I’m sure many recipes will appeal to me once I learn more about vegetables.

One of the easiest vegetarian recipes I found in this book was a zucchini, roasted garlic bread that I will be making now. I love garlic and roasted peppers, so I knew I would be making this one. It came out good, and I was a little surprised at how easy it was to make.

Know More: Vegetarian Guide

Another delicious recipe is a zucchini veggie appetizer. The zucchini is combined with dressing and baked. The herb dressing was really good, and I was able to make this without too much effort. I was so impressed with this one.

This small handy book is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about vegetarian cooking. I enjoyed the different style recipes in this book. I am excited to try the recipes that were provided in this book.

With all the different types of meat recipes, I am especially excited to try the guacamole with tomatoes recipe. I’ve always loved guacamole and had not considered it as a vegetarian meal until I read the recipe. The recipe that came with the book was delicious, and I was able to create a Mexican-style guac recipe.

About Vegetarian Guide Review
About Vegetarian Guide Review

Bottom Line

Vegetarian Guide is easy to read, easy to use, easy to modify, and easy to follow book for everyone interested in eating vegetarian meals. Hence, it provides information about all the popular vegetarian dishes and techniques to make them easier to prepare. So don’t worry if you’re a meat-eater and want to try vegetarian dishes for the first time, this is the guide to get.

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